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UK Citizenship and Naturalisation


UK Citizenship laws can be highly complex and with the high cost of making applications (currently £1005 for naturalisation on form AN) you need to be sure that you meet the requirements or risk losing your fee. Some clients are not aware that the "good character" requirements are not simply related to criminal convictions. Matters such as non payment of taxes, bankruptcy, non payment of council tax and even debt in some circumstances can mean that your application will be refused.  There is also no right of appeal against a refusal of citizenship so failing to take advice at the outset could leave you out of pocket and with no means to challenge your decision. At Immigration Advice Centre we can take the worry out of your application. We will guide you through the legal requirements and ensure that your application is fully prepared. We will submit your application to the UK Border Agency with a detailed letter of representations detailing how your application meets the requirements of the rules providing you with the best possible chance of success.  


We also offer a citizenship checking service where we will check your application to make sure that you have completed the form correctly and that you have enclosed all the required documents.


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Citizenship Categories


  • British Citizenship  

  • British Overseas Citizenship

  • British Subject Status

  • British Citizenship - Children born outside the UK since January 1983

  • Provisions for the reduction of statelessness

  • Children born outside the UK to parents in crown, designated or EC institution service

  • Children born or adopted on or after 1 January 1983 in the UK

  • Registration of someone who is a British Overseas territories citizen, a British Overseas Citizen, a British Subject, a British Protected Person or a British National (Overseas)

  • Registration as a British Citizen by certain people born before 1983 to British mothers

  • Dual Nationality

  • Deed Poll name change


British Citizenship/Naturalisation

We can also help with the following categories:

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Immigration Advice Centre can help you to establish if you are entitled to nationality through your parents and grandparents even if you were born outside of the the UK and if you have never lived here. It can be difficult to determine what potential nationality entitlements you have, so let Immigration Advice Centre do it for you. We have years of experience of determining eligibility to make nationality applications and have helped many clients prove their entitlement to nationality preventing them from being removed or deported from the UK.


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