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Email & Telephone Advice Service  

At Immigration Advice Centre we have a team of Immigration Lawyers with over 10 years experience in the complex area of Immigration Law. We offer specialist legal advice which is understandable, affordable and up-to-date with current legislation and case law. Whether you need a second opinion or need fresh legal advice for an immediate problem simply email one of our lawyers for a response within 24 hours for a fixed fee. All emails are confidential and we will guide you through to a solution to your problem in an honest, caring and concise manner.


Our Service to You


We will:


  • Provide you with a response within 24 hours

  • We will ask you to provide additional information if required

  • We will provide you with application forms and guidance documents if relevant to your query

  • We will detail the options available to you based on your circumstances

  • We will provide you with detailed advice on the steps you can take

  • We will answer any related follow up questions you have

  • If your query is one which we cannot answer we will provide a full refund


To proceed simply click on the "Buy Now"  button below and make your payment. You do not require a paypal account and payments can be made by debit and credit cards. Once your payment has been confirmed please complete the form below. We will provide you with a full and detailed response within 24 hours. Please provide as much detail as possible on the form below to enable us to provide a full response. Please note, we cannot provide advice until payment is made




For clients who do not have access to email or who want to speak to one of our advisers directly we offer a telephone advice service. We are available to answer your queries from 9am to 5pm (UK time). The charge for telephone advice is £15 and you can pay over the phone before advice is given or alternatively click on the "buy now" button to pay via paypal. We offer the same level of service for our telephone clients, however, if you would like your advice confirmed in writing and applications forms sending to you there will be an additonal £10 charge.




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