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Other  Services

We specialise in providing advice about UK immigration law and UK visas to enter and remain in the UK. If however your application is not successful we can assist you with your appeal and represent you before the Immigration and Asylum Chamber . Our specalist team have more than 20 years experience and our in house advocates will help you through the appeal process... Find out more




Our experienced legal advisors have a track record of assisting clients with all aspects of asylum and human rights law. We will assist you in putting together your case and represent you throughout the application process to appeal if your application is refused. We can also assist with fresh asylum claims based on new evidence or a change in the circumstances in your home country... Find out more

Asyum/Human Rights  Law

Our senior advisors can assist you with your bail and deportation matters. We will arrange to visit you in detention and advise you about your case and assist you to apply for bail and appeal against your deportation.  When you are facing the prospect of being deported from the UK and your entitlement to return limited you need to ensure you have expert advice from experienced advisors you can trust... Find out more

Deportation and Bail

Corporate Compliance

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